Järelkajasid Baltic Weekendist :)

Suurepärase nädalavahetuse meenutuseks mõningaid väljavõtteid foorumist:

“Kabli was lovely!!” – Diana

“After checking all the pics I realized how fantastic weekend we had!” – Liisi

“The weekend was a perfect mix of new friends, sea, sun, games, chill-out time and party. GREAT!!” – Anouk

“Haven’t played so many games at one weekend for since I don’t know when.” – Peep

“I had such a nice and fun weekend with you all. It was so fun that every muscle in my body hurts:)” – Gerda

“I am very grateful for having such a good event, I’ll never forget about it!” – Linas

“Looking forward to the next edition:)” – Timo

Rohkem pilte näed klõpsates paremal äärel asuvatele pildilinkidele:)